Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Blog Bullet - Bitten!

Hello and welcome to my new blog.  This is something I've been procrastinating about for a long time.  I started 'micro-blogging' in the Summer of last year, after attending a Learning & Skills Group conference in London and experiencing Twitter for the first time.  That inspired me to get myself a Twitter account and to start interacting with others in the Learning & Development and Social Media world.  I began to 'get it' and to feel reconnected.  As of today, I have 'tweeted' 1,302 times, I am following 210 interesting people and organisation, and I am being followed by 198 people who really ought to know better!  All OK so far...

So why venture into 'proper' blogging now, and what's with the name, "A Little About a Lot"?

Well, I've already passed the Twitter 140 character limit just getting to here in this blog!  I've seen how others use their Tweets to lead interested people to their blogs and to engage more deeply in their topic.  I've seen colleagues and friends take their first steps into blogging and been surprised and impressed at the depth of their knowledge and wisdom.  And they've been encouraging me to do the same, despite my misgivings about whether or not I had something useful to share and even then, if others would be in the least interested.

So I started 'journalling', making an effort to regularly jot down ideas, thoughts, reflections, jokes etc in a notebook app on my laptop.  I started a document called 'Blog Ideas' and it's run to two pages already.

I've been many things in my working life - Fruit Picker, Postman, Delivery Driver, Shop Assistant, Theatrical Lighting Rigger, Stage Manager, Actor, Audio Typist, Barman, PA, Office Manager, Business Owner, IT Trainer and I've been a Training Manager for the last 14 years. I've been a husband for 25 years and a dad for 19.  So, I know a little about a lot and a lot about very little!

I look forward to sharing with - and learning from - you too.


  1. So glad you've finally decided to take the plunge Niall! I'm looking forward to reading - and I bet you'll find you know a lot about more than you thought :)

  2. Great to see you taking the first steps in to the blogging arena Niall, I'm looking forward to reading more of your wisdom, wit and humor