Saturday, 5 April 2014

On the House

Not such big news - House-hunting's emotionally and aesthetically challenging! 
In the words of Sinead O'Connor, "Nothing Compares..." to our home of 23 years (but which we have now put on the market to get rid of our mortgage and move somewhere cheaper, for reasons already mentioned in a previous blog 'Not Moving On'), except, to our surprise, the new-build that fits our requirements very nicely, but which we can't reserve until we have a confirmed offer and chain on our place...! 

What's extraordinary is the difference in quality between homes other people are selling at the same price, or more, as the new build and the new-build itself - i.e. there is no comparison! All need work, some are mis-represented in their estate agents' details, some are in naff areas or are too far from public transport (railway stations) or amenities and some, frankly, look like the people who live there just got up and ran out of the house five minutes before we arrived!

That said, our house has never looked better! All the little jobs I was never getting round to have been done; Saturday mornings now, we blitz the place - clean, tidy, declutter (hide), vacuum, etc - so it looks as much as possible just like the photos in our estate agent's blurb (real photo shown - make us an offer!)

What is it that's said about house buyers and
sellers? "Every  seller's a liar and every buyer's a thief" (something like that). 
I couldn't possibly comment...

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